The Great Founder Race…

The following video came across my feed as a humor link, but how I reacted wasn’t just a laugh. I thought, “shit, I’ve done that. I’m doing that right now!”

Not as a runner, but as a founder. I know the general direction I’m headed. I know it’s a race to the finish. I feel at times exposed like I’m wearing speedo-shorts. I started with a plan and composure… and now have no idea what I’m doing but am chest out running towards my goal like a mad-man.

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”
― Mike Tyson

Mike’s words are true. This is why business plans for startups are largely a waste of time. You can plan all you want, but until you’re out there executing you’re just guessing. Like the runner that started his race, he had a clear plan. Gun goes off. Run. Jump over 10 hurdles. Win. His plan didn’t work out too well after the first hurdle.

We are in good times to be a startup founder. Companies are exiting. Investors are writing checks. People are getting rich… It’s a glamorous time.

But behind the Techcrunch blog posts, there’s chaos, uncoordinated flailing and desperate people plowing headfirst into painful barriers. It’s OK. You’re not alone.

The video is worth watching for it’s humor as well as it’s honest depiction of my day to day life.

Run well.


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